Don’t Stop with Just Sustainable Housing

A friend of ours who works in the environmental science field once remarked about how many flights she was taking to conferences about carbon footprint. “We are doing all the thinking we can to save the planet, but not all the doing,” I believe was her quote. We often get focused on one thing, say recycling, and forget about the cadre of other work we could be doing to help the cause.

We are often approached about sustainable building practices, which, in our industry, mainly relates to sustainable harvesting of materials, such as woods and stones, that make the house or building. Sometimes it relates to how zero-energy the home will be once it is finished, from tankless water heaters, solar panels, rain barrels, dual-flush toilets, residentail windmills, you name it. But not often is our work related to how you live your life once you have your low energy home.

We’re Gonna Get Persnickety Here

We certainly aren’t trying to downplay the impact of a home on the environment. Homes, especially those with many people living in it, can require a lot of energy demand and incur a great deal of environmental impact. Doing your part to not only build your home sustainably, but also have it function sustainably, is huge in today’s world.

However, if you are still taking a lot of flights or driving lots of miles in an SUV or using a lot of plastic or not buying sustainable foods, you are adding right back all of the efforts you’ve made to repeal your waste.

Here we have gathered some useful local links to help you continue to live sustainably, whether or not you have a built a sustainable custom home or not.

Sustainable Seafood

Sustainable Groceries

Sustainable Vehicles

Certainly, there is tons more work to be done than just the few links we have provided, but they are local places we use and love and wanted to pass them along as a way of seeing live inside your home a little differently.