Choosing Your Home Builder

Choosing a firm to build your new home is a difficult decision regardless of your property or personal taste. This decision is made even more difficult in Vancouver, a city with hundreds of talented building and renovating professionals. Choosing a builder is the first step in a series of important decisions, and we want to make that process a bit easier. Below is a guide to finding the builder suited to your Vancouver housebuilding project.


  1. Think about the type of house you want. Do you want to build a multifamily property? How large do you want the home to be? Which rooms (and how many of each) do you want? Answers to these questions will establish if you need a specialist or a general builder.


  1. Create a list of potential builders. Our site includes a directory of home builders in the Vancouver area—or at least it will. Use this resource to narrow down your options to those who offer the type of timeline and build you want. You can also search for nearby builders using Google or Google Maps.


  1. Consult your real estate agent. If you are planning to build a home, you have likely purchased a plot of land with the help of a real estate agent or broker. This professional will likely have insight and connections regarding local Vancouver home builders.


  1. Make a list of questions to ask potential builders. We have generated a few examples to start: Will they provide references of recent buyers and occupants? Does the builder have an established financing plan? Are there particular options for floor plans? Can a room be left unfinished? How much plan customizing is available? Do they offer a warranty program? What are the estimated taxes?


  1. Utilize their customer testimonials page. If you can, contact previous clients to ask if they were happy with the service provided. Do they like their homes? Did they have any problems? Would you buy another home with this builder? Consulting sites like Yelp is also an easy way to find relevant opinions.


  1. Consult the Vancouver Home Builders’ Association. This is a great place to further narrow your builder search and further explore your project’s potential. You can also check out this video: