Vancouver Homebuilders to Know

Vancouver homebuilders are capable and talented but finding someone who fits your specific needs can be difficult. Price, schedule, and customizability can cause conflict with a homebuilder, so it is necessary to make the correct decision from the beginning. These picks have been in the industry for years, prioritizing luxury custom home builds and process transparency along the way.


Clay Construction—Clay Construction is an award-winning custom home builder. They prioritize builder-client relationships to ensure everything meets the new homeowner’s needs—from timelines to floorplans. With nearly fifteen years in the industry, they know what it means to have a positive home building experience. The prioritize realistic budgets, schedule tracking, and reporting systems, ensuring high-quality work is created throughout the process. They also create custom home bars, home additions, and energy-efficient houses.


PHW Homes, Inc.—This full-service homebuilder has been in the industry for over thirty years. They specialize in creating custom homes, laneway houses, and renovations, providing the consult and tools necessary throughout the process. They offer great prices without ever compromising project quality. They serve Burnaby, Coquitlam, Hastings-Sunrise, Renfrew-Collingwood, Killarney, Richmond, New Westminster, and Vancouver.


NOVERO Homes and Renovations Ltd.—NOVERO has been in the Vancouver homebuilder business for over twenty-five years. They offer services such as: custom homes, demolition, floor plans, foundation construction, garage building, home additions, home extensions, home remodeling, house plans, insulation installation, new home construction, site planning, site preparation, concrete construction, custom cabinets, deck building, deck repair, door installation, door repair, title installation, and window installation. In essence, if it relates to our home, NOVERO can help.


Convex Development—With over ten years of experience, Convex Development clients understand what it means to experience efficient management and hard work. They have completed over fifty projects across the Vancouver area, limiting their load to just a few projects each year in order to ensure exceptional service and optimal quality. They are perfect for new home building projects, general site management, and construction management. They also provide services such as: major renovation, custom homes, home extensions, home remodeling, and new home construction.