Work with a Professional Renovator

Home renovation is both a financial and emotional investment. A professional renovator will help you to get the most value for your investment and provide peace of mind. A successful home renovation begins with good planning. It is important to get a renovation contractor involved in the early stages of your project when you first begin to develop your plans. Renovators will discuss your ideas with you in detail and offer technical advice, design concepts and product suggestions.

In choosing a renovator, ask friends, family, co-workers and neighbours for recommendations if they have had professional renovation work done recently. Look around your neighborhood for renovation projects underway. Talk to the homeowners about the work and the contractor. Most people enjoy discussing their renovation experiences.

Visit home shows. This gives you a perfect opportunity to get first impressions and useful advice. Talk with the renovators at the association exhibit, check out their displays, which usually highlight previous projects, and pick up company literature and business cards.

Ask suppliers and retailers of building materials, products and hardware. Reputable renovators have a network of suppliers with whom they conduct business with regularly, ranging from lumber yards to kitchen cabinet manufacturers. Visit established suppliers in your community and ask for the names of renovators suitable for your project.

Check local advertising. Professional renovators often specialize in certain geographical locations. Look in your community newspaper for ads placed by established firms.

Good management is essential to achieve satisfactory renovation goals. Organized renovators will provide you with a schedule and co-ordinate your entire project from start to the pop of champagne at the finish. Based on the requirements for your project, they will organize the right team from their network of experienced staff, subtrades and suppliers.

Communication is the cornerstone of a good working relationship. Experienced renovators listen carefully, and deal with your concerns and questions promptly and to your satisfaction. During the work itself, they stay in close contact with you and discuss the progress of the work regularly.

Peace of mind comes from knowing that you are getting what you are paying for. Professional renovators put it in writing. They give you a list of references for previous projects. They provide you with a contract that details the work, the materials and the cost of your renovation. They show proof of liability insurance and workers’ compensation. Once the job is completed, the renovator will still be there, with a commitment to after-sales service.

When you add it all up, the choice is clear. When you want to hire someone to renovate your home, make sure it’s a professional renovator. It’s your best assurance that you will get the quality and value that you can enjoy for years to come.