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Know Your House Terminology

Home buyers and homeowners can be excused for not knowing the names of all of the parts of a house. A typical house contains more than 3,000 different components. You may hear people throwing around terms such as soffit, cornice and joist without knowing exactly what they are. Here’s a primer on some of the […]

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The Canadian Real Estate Market Is Inflated—and That’s Dangerous

The Canadian economy has a problem: real estate. A relatively unstable industry, the Canadian real estate market, especially in the Vancouver area, is reaching new heights of inaccessibility. Inflated home prices are leading to fewer purchases and sales, which could spell danger for the Canadian economy. According to CBC, real estate fees, including commissions, land […]

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Vancouver Condo Prices are Crashing—Here’s Why

The greater Vancouver condo market is beginning to shift. Condo sales have long carried the Vancouver real estate market. With single home sales hitting record lows and Vancouver’s affordability decreasing each month, condo sales have remained robust. For years, condo sales have remained robust in the face of continuously declining inventory levels. This limited availability […]

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